Positions available
European Nuclear Receptor Network

EU-FP5 funded positions
Network Training Grant

5 Postdoctoral Positions - 1 PhD Studentship


Applications should be sent to contact person at each institution

To be eligible for an appointment under a network contract the young researchers must meet all of the following conditions: Age. They must be aged 35 years or less at the time of their appointment by a participant. An exemption to this age limit will be made for compulsory military service or childcare. Qualifications. They must be holders of a doctoral degree or of a degree that qualifies them to embark on a doctoral degree. Nationality. They must be nationals of a Community Member State or an Associated State or must have resided in the Community for at least five years prior to their appointment by a participant in the frame of the network contract. International Mobility. They must not be nationals of the state in which the participant’s research team appointing them is located and must not have carried out their normal activities in that state for more than 12 of the 24 months prior to their appointment.